A look at BioLogos

As we saw in the “Who Believes What?” video in Module 1, there are a number of different viewpoints on God’s timing and method of creation. The idea that God used evolution over millions of years to create the world (called Evolutionary Creation or Theistic Evolution) has traditionally seen little support among Evangelical Christians. However, the BioLogos organization has made some inroads over the past decade. After watching each of the ten “BioLogos Basics” videos, please respond to the following with a 250-word (minimum) post. Link to videos :

Which BioLogos video do you think presented the case it was trying to make the best? What were some points or arguments that you feel were compelling? Provide a response/critique of these arguments using materials from one or more of the following sources (referenced in Turabian format):

  • Your textbook
  • Course videos
  • Segments from Is Genesis History?
  • A web article from one of the major young-Earth creation organizations.

Reply Prompt: Respond to a classmate’s post with a 150-word (minimum) summary of a different young-Earth resource than the one they used by that classmate in their initial post. This summary and reference must also be different from the one in your own initial post. Remember to reference your article in Turabian format.

Note: Remember to offer your criticism of the ideas presented with grace and humility. After all, none of us has all the answers. Remember to properly reference the source(s) you discuss

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