What does riis call “the element God meant to be free, but man deals out with such niggardly hand.” Explain your answer
August 11, 2019
1. According To Socrates, Must One Heed Popular Opinion About Moral Matters? Does Socrates Accept The Fairness Of The Laws Under Which He Was Tried And Convicted? Would Socrates Have Been Wrong To Escape?
August 11, 2019

Activity 4

CSTU 101

Background to the assignment: You read earlier about paradigm shifts occurring in cultures; Western culture has observed some as well.

Description of the assignment: The following 4 men created a paradigm shift within Western culture: Luther, Columbus, Gutenberg, and Charles Darwin. In this assignment, explain which one of these you deem to have had the most influence on Western culture. Provide concrete reasons that clarify your position. If you include sources, cite them in current APA format. This assignment must be 250–300 words and must include the word count in parentheses. Submit a draft of your Learning Activity to SafeAssign for feedback a few days before the assignment is due.