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August 13, 2019
: Texas Legislative Branch, Redistricting, Campaigns and Elections under Federalism
August 13, 2019

American Government

In this assignment, students are tasked to write a position paper in the form of constituent’s letter to their representative in the U. S. House of Representatives. 


The letter must:

1) Stress the importance of a political topic/issue that is of particular interest/concern to you as a constituent member and more importantly, a citizen-voter.

2) Stress the reason(s) for the urgency of your interest/concern.

3) Be supported by referencing a bill or legislation. This specific bill/ legislative action should be researched and identified, and must pertain to your topic/issue of interest.

4) Be addressed to your Member of Congress’s proper Washington DC address.

The following links can assist in researching your U. S. House representative and bills/legislations.