Answer Each Question With 100 Words

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August 8, 2019
1) Discuss The Following Statement: “Health Care Costs Are Out Of Control In The United States, And Increasing Conflicts Between Employers And Employees Are Likely As Employers Try To Reduce Their Health Benefits Costs. 2) What Should Be Included In Disas
August 8, 2019

Answer Each Question With 100 Words

Question # 1 How did the government of Japan change during the Meiji restoration?

Question # 2 Describe Japan’s rationale for its westernization.

Question # 3 Describe Japan’s imperialism and militarization.

Question # 4 Explain how Japan took control of Manchuria.

Question # 5 Imagine that you are a Japanese person watching events unfold in the 1850s and 1860s.  How might you react?  Do you see alternatives to the opening of your country to foreign trade?  Do you agree that in order to compete with the Western powers, your nation must begin to behave like the Western powers?  Explain.

Question # 6 Write an essay on Revolution in China.

Question # 7 Write a short Essay on Modernization and Transformation of Japan.

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