Any topic (writer’s choice)

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October 5, 2020
Any topic (writer’s choice)
October 5, 2020

Any topic (writer’s choice)


View the YouTube Videos, then write two response of  Yujiao Li and Mengyang Jin’s comments. I upload examples-see pictures

Yujiao Li:
Value, regarded as time, can be assessed through competition. It can be added through the changes of form, fit, and function of products which can also be said as time-based changes. We should notice that the value should be customer-defined. It can be reflected as the willingness of customers to pay for products, and any rework should not be under consideration. Based on its definition, it is quite easy to understand the order to cash cycle. As not all added value can get paid, the task has already switched from investing some fancy new value-added equipment to focusing on attacking non-value-added tasks and trying to get paid as fast as possible.

The value stream map (VSM) is just like the picture on the puzzle box. The way that VSM helps us see and assess value is the same approach that pictures can help people know the outlook of the final work and stay focus on their goal of finishing the same picture instead of missing in the playing. It seems that VSM can help the company support its vision which can lead the company to focus on making money. As the order-to-cash cycle explained, this helps the company stay on the true value. VSM can also raise common language to help people read and understand all value stream maps, help the company focus on implementation plans, and make product flows more clear. These benefits can help us classify the NVA and VA parts in the entire process which can make the assessment of value more reliable.

Mengyang Jin:
Value is time. To be more specific, in my opinion, true value is value add time. Total time used can be divided in to lead time and value add time. During production optimization, lead time is what we should compress.

From the video, I learn about value stream map thoroughly and get deeper understanding through professor’s experience in the ski company. Here, I would like to sum up a little bit in my understanding. Value stream is a picture snapshot with all the steps needed to produce from the beginning to the end including material and information flow data. On the value stream map, we can see the total value add time verse lead time and value add time is the value to see. In order to see and assess value, firstly, pick out one value stream and draw out its current value state map with no interruption of other product family. Calculate the data needed for each major process. Secondly, draw the ideal state map. Thirdly, set goals and try to improve the data of each process such as cycle time, uptime, people etc. During the improvement process, we should look at the ideal state map for times to make adjustment. Ways of improvement include using high-tech, people training, negotiation etc. Last but not least, apply steps above to other product families.

please make the response compelling they are specific, and clearly written, they exhibit strong cause-effect logic, that is claims or opinions are strongly and obviously supportable


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