Art History

Your final assignment is to curate an online art exhibition that has artwork representing each Unit in chronological order. Using the unit outlines as a guide, organize an image presentation where each of the units are represented (at least two images per Unit). Be creative, and generate an exhibition that represents your personal tastes and what you have discovered throughout the course. Choose two artists or artistic styles from each Unit and search for art online that you can relate to and discuss, based on how you have learned to evaluate the art in each Unit. For each image selected, write a brief appraisal, as if you were a critic. Put the facts and figures aside, and describe your personal reactions to each piece, as if you were visiting a museum with a friend and expressing your reactions based on the knowledge you have acquired. Accompanying the image presentation, write a final paper linked to the discoveries of your presentation, with appraisals for each Unit as well as a final reflection on what you have learned, including new knowledge or discoveries.

The final product will include:

1. Presentation

a. Cover slide

b. Sections based on era

i. Images/photos of the era (one image per slide)

ii. Brief description of the piece

iii. Citations covering any needed resources

c. APA formatted Reference slide

2. Written document

a. Cover page

b. Sections linked to presentation slides

i. Brief appraisal

ii. Personal reaction

c. Reflection

i. Reflection on what you learned; including new knowledge or discoveries

d. APA formatted Reference page

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