Art Paper

Please do a 5 page research paper on THIS. –Michael Heizer.


Also referred to as earth art is an American movement that creates site-specific structures, sculptures, and art forms using natural landscape. The materials used in these artworks are those that easy to extract from nature, including soil, gravel, stones, and water. The artists utilize these materials available on the sites in honor of the specificity of the place. They rejected working in museums and traditional galleries. Thus, they created their arts outside. The earth art artists redefined the skills and notion of people toward artworks (Goldsworthy, 2019). Besides, the profit from the sales of the materials increased. In this paper, I choose to discuss the double negative works by Michael Heizer. He began his works in 1969 cutting 240000 tons of sandstone and rhyolite from cliffs. He used these materials in the creation of trenches on northwest Nevada. However, due to the location of the site, few people could afford to visit.

Thus, on completion of his works, Michael documented his work in photographs and exhibited in New York at Dawn Galley. The artist used double negative that involved removing the earth from its location and replacing it with conceptual humanmade processes constituting the physical, natural element of the artwork (Goldsworthy, 2019). The skill involved concepts stretching from the megalith monuments to the engineering feats used in modern industrialization. However, the site-specificity and remoteness of earth arts implied that few people would access the site. Besides, the situation in the open means that these works are prone to disintegration due to environmental effects. The work was connected to minimalism by having a simple design and kinesthetic features which attracted the viewers. Nevertheless, the artwork depicted smallness when viewed in the light of the immense nature surrounding it.

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