Situated Cognition

Please respond to the following: Discuss the impact of situated cognition on a K-12 course when taught face-to-face as opposed to online. Make two recommendations for improving the course in question (either face-to-face or online) by applying what you know about situated cognition. Describe which recommendation is more likely to result in measurable improvements. Explain […]

Week 3 Discussion

54 54 unread replies. 71 71 replies. Go to pages 71-72 of the eText and take the Self-Assessment on Behavioral Leadership Style. Share your results with the class. What do your assessment results say about you and your leadership style? After reading chapter 3, describe the type of leader that you want to be in […]

Democracy And Difference–Threaded Discussions– POL SC

writing two different essays and each for 300 words. I have suggested that we should engage and be engaged by those persons who see and understand the world differently from those who sit comfortably within a dominant we society so that we might (re)imagine or discover a new place for democratic politics. And as film-goers […]

Need Done By Tomorrow By 6pm Tomorrow

The endangered dusky gopher frog, a darkly colored, moderately sized frog with warts covering its back and dusky spots on its belly. Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Reuters Amid all the hand-wringing about a polarized Supreme Court, note Tuesday’s unanimous decision for regulatory sanity. The case concerned whether a frog’s “critical habitat” can include land […]

Planning Oral Briefings

Go to the White House website,, and perform a search on briefings. Review briefings from the Briefing Room and Press Briefings. Select two briefings published in the last 12 months. What went well with the briefings? What could have been better? If you were the policy analyst helping to prepare each of those briefings, […]

Why Study Political Science?

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 1, 2 Lesson Additional scholarly sources you identify through your own research Initial Post Instructions Identify why students should learn about political science. Use evidence (cite sources) to support your response from assigned readings or online lessons, and at least one outside scholarly source. […]

Democracy And Difference—–Critical Review2– POL SC

Assignment Objectives:  Enhance and/or improve critical thinking and media literacy skills by: 1. Developing a clear and concise thesis statement (an argument) in response to the following question: Does the film have the power to transform political sensibilities? 2. Writing an outline for a five paragraph analytical essay building on a clear and concise thesis statement, […]


Unit III Project Topic In Unit VII, you will submit a case study assignment based on the company you chose for the SWOT analysis in Unit II. Please be sure to reviewthe Unit VII requirements and work on this case study throughout the term rather than waiting until Unit VII to commence. In this unit, […]

Legal And Political Issues Due 6/18/19

Should terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda or ISIS be given prisoner of war status and thus be entitled rights of the Geneva Convention? Which system of justice would you advise the President to handle regarding captured US born terrorist? Domestic courts, military tribunals or something else? At least 500 words at least 3 Sources


Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 300-500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Part A:Define the following: Liberty Equality Democracy Explain and express in your own words what liberty and equality mean to you. Part B:Locate a definition of political science that you like, and […]

POL 300 Week Discussion Divorcing America

POL 300 Week discussion Divorcing America Q. Elaborate on what the textbook authors mean when they say that most European countries have “divorced America.” Q. Explain the main reasons Europe has withdrawn from a close relationship with the U.S. Q. What would have to happen, in your opinion, for Europe and the United States to […]

Army Force Management

1. You will write a no less than 750-word to no greater than 1250-word (not including the cover and reference pages) paper thoroughly discussing two of the following four focused-areas presented during this series. a. F-A1:  Explain how the National Security Strategy (NSS) and the National Defense Strategy (NDS) affects Force Management.  Provide one example […]