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hese are the instructions from the instructor for this last paper. It is to include an annotated bibliography (see below).
You should absolutely use the work you have developed from prior papers. The reason I said this is a brand new paper is because I do not want students just copy/pasting past documents into one paper. This paper should represent your synthesis of prior learning about your selected leadership topic.
It is not a compilation of prior assignments, but rather, integration of what you have learned and the feedback you have received (including APA).
DO NOT submit one continuous essay without these headings. It will receive zero APA points if you do so. It would not be uncommon for this to be a two level heading paper (see your APA book for further explanation on how to do this).
In this Unit you will submit the Leadership Guide that you have developed. This Guide will be given to a group of junior nurse managers who are taking part in a leadership class. In addition to the four components that you have already developed in Units 2, 3, 5 and 8 (I will upload these papers for your review), your Guide should also contain a summary that demonstrates your understanding of the influence of nursing history and theory on current nursing leadership practice.
Your final guide should be 15–20 pages in length, with at least 15 references (10-12 should be peer reviewed journals). You may use your text and other articles provided in the course but be sure to provide a minimum of two references from other sources. Use APA style throughout.
Feel free to be creative with your guide—you may use graphics where appropriate. You may organize your Guide in any order, but it should follow a logical sequence. Please refer to the scoring guide for this final project to ensure that you include and address each of the required components that you will be graded upon.
Your completed Guide should contain these components:
•Title Page.
•Table of Contents.
•Assessment of Work Issue (Unit 2).
•Annotated Bibliography (Unit 3).
•Leadership Theories, Styles, and Applications (Unit 5).
•Strategic Analysis and Leadership Interventions (Unit 8).
•Reference Page.
I uploaded a few, however, the correct files are as follows:
U2a1Assessment of Work Issue
These are the files that can be included in this last paper. I did not submit the files for the Annotated bibliography because even though I ordered it from your service, the bibliography was done on books and not peer reviewed journals. It was not your service fault, I actually did not read the instructions thoroughly and your service did the bibliography on books instead of journals as I requested/ordered. So, I need the bibliography on peer reviewed journals that will be used in this paper. Thanks in advance

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