construction management


You have been the owner of a small construction company hiring a few permanent staff and additional temporary labour. You have undertaken the construction of domestic houses where the client has provided you with the plans and structural details. You have been selected by the client from a list of constructors, based on your past work.
(a)    As the work content increased, to undertake more private residential construction, it became necessary to expand the company structure.
(b)    Later your management desired to undertake larger scale non-domestic work such as, school buildings, hospitals, water supply projects etc., and hence you were required to form a more structured Company.
For your answer, first Discuss appropriate company structures in detail with sketches of the structure done by you. (Do not take off directly from website)
Your answer should include the following:
    A description of the different types of company structures/types, and the key features of the different types, suitable for a construction company.
    Based on the Organizational structure & relationships between the staff, explain how the construction work progresses through the channels of communication.
Arrive at suitable company structures for both (a) and (b) with justification. 
Remember to write with respect to construction related work.
Your answer should have a word count of 2000-3000. You are required to give sketches of different company structures you describe together with clear communication channels and compare them to decide on the one most suitable for each case given above. 

A Client wishes to construct the following with the given conditions and you are required to advice the client on appropriate contract types for each project.
(c) A new hospital is to be constructed in Malabe consisting of two, three storeyed buildings. One building is to be completed first and will start functioning while the other building work will commence soon after. The total work content consists of performing a feasibility survey to locate a suitable site for the hospital, design the buildings and the construction will take place in two stages. Completion of each building will be on two different dates.
(d) Construction of a new three storeyed building for CINEC consisting of 30 class rooms. The Consultant has completed the design and it is required to find a suitable contractor.

Task 2 (part 1)
Discuss the different types of contract weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used types of contract to arrive at the most suitable type for each of the above jobs.
Your answer should include:
    An explanation of the different types of relationship that may exist between companies working on construction projects, including contract types that are based on these relationships
Your answer should have a word count of 2000-3000

Task 2 (part 2)
The company formed under (b) above, is required to bid for the two jobs. Explain the steps you will take to prepare a bid to tender for each of the above jobs.
Your answer should consider the two given jobs and discuss the pre-contract phase for each.
Your report should include:
A discussion of the tender process, and how companies relate to each other in this process.
    You should NOT insert extracted material from text, www, or any other, directly in your answer. You may read the reference material and summarise in your own words. Indicate the references using Harvard referencing system. (you have been given this information by CINEC)

    Keep the answers to the point. Answer in the sequence that is required as per the question. Keep the Learning Outcomes (LOs) in mind. DO NOT insert irrelevant information.

    Attach the cover page giving your name/ID number and the Grade achievements pages in your assignment answer.

    When emailing/uploading your answers name the file as follows; your number_name with initials_A1 Unit4


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