Cultural context and Families film Analysis & Reflection

It is imperative that the directions provided below are followed for completing the assignment and that it is submitted by the designated due date.


The reflection papers should be approximately 2-3 pages in length (12 point font, double spaced, proofread, and uploaded in a word document, and MUST incorporate APA in-text citations and a reference list).

The movie reflection essay MUST include the following five parts found below:

  1. Two-three sentence (no more than one paragraph) summary of the movie or criticism of arguments found in the film.
  2. One family theory and how it relates to the student’s understanding of family portrayed in the film. Explain, using examples from the film.
  3. Find at least one article about Families from the culture of the film you chose. APA cite in reference list.
  4. At least two citations based on the article(s) you found. Analyze and  connect it to the film. I must know that the students have read the articles and have integrated information from both into this assignment. NOTE: It is highly suggested that students ALSO pull from articles from previous topics, where applicable.
  5. Personal reflection of issues touched on by the movie. In other words, how did you relate to the film, personally? Did you connect other courses’ material to this film?
  6. Concluding paragraph that summarizes the key points.
  7. Reference list (APA format).

Topic: Cultural context and families (select 1 of the following films):

Shoplifters (2018) On the margins of Tokyo, a dysfunctional band of outsiders is united by fierce loyalty and a penchant for petty theft.


Life above all (2010) A drama about the impact of HIV-AIDS and poverty on a family in South Africa


Nobody Knows (2005) When single mother, Keiko, leaves with her new boyfriend indefinitely, the kids are forced to survive on their own, all while staying away from authorities who may splitthem up.


Roma (2018) A year in the life of a middle-class family’s maid in Mexico City in the early 1970s.


Eat Sleep Die (2012) This film addresses the effects of rampant unemployment. Raša, who lives in a sheltered Swedish village, is a young working-class Muslim who wants to play her part in redefining Sweden as a multicultural society.

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