Design a Community Risk Reduction Plan

For the final paper in the course, you are to design a community risk reduction plan. If you are currently in the fire service, it is recommended that you design a community risk reduction plan for the community you serve. However, you are not required to focus on the local area for your community risk reduction plan. The ultimate goal is that this project will result in a plan that you can actually implement on a local level within your community.

Using the Community Risk Reduction template as your guide, design a community risk reduction plan. Your community risk reduction plan should include most of the following sections. (Make sure to design your Community Risk Reduction plan to suit the needs of your community.)

1. Overview of the location

2. Description of the service are

3. Community risk priorities

4. Community partners/organizations to work with

5. Personnel resources of FD staff and community partners

6. Strategies

7. Implementation

8. Budget

Your Week 8 Paper should be a minimum of 4 pages (not including cover page and reference list) for your paper. External research will be required.

Use your weekly readings, the internet as well as professional journals, articles and other academically recognized sources. You must use a minimum of three sources.

Please create your response in a Microsoft word document, following APA guidelines, and upload as an attachment for submission. Pages are to be double-spaced utilizing Verdana 12 point font text. The page requirements are exclusive of your reference list and cover page.

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