Discuss how cultural rituals or practices that are preferred by some patients and their families can impact the care the nurses provide to them at the end of life.

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Using APA format and supporting current (within the last 5 years) sources , answer each of the following questions (formatting them under a discreet heading-DO NOT Number) the following items with substantive responses. Each narrative response should be at least 100 words. Your responses should include citation to a credible source. Your paper will include a title page and reference list. The writing rubric will be utilized to grade the paper. Note: TurnitIn will be utilized to ensure originality of the paper.

  1. Many patients use alternative and herbal medications as part of their medication regime, with or without the knowledge of their healthcare provider. Discuss some of the patient safety issues that can arise with the use of these medications or herbal remedies.
  1. Adams, Holland & Urban (2014) discuss several specific patient populations in which particular considerations need to be taken into account when considering pharmaceutical interventions. Select two of these (pregnant, lactating, peds, etc.) and indicate what factors the nurse must consider in the pharmaceutical nursing plan.
  1. What do you see as some of the ethical issues related to current genomics/genetics research? Discuss these issues and their impact on healthcare and nursing practice.
  1. Adams, Holland & Urban (2014) state that “although non-Caucasians comprise more than 25% of the U.S. health population, modern clinical pharmacology has been based largely on research and clinical experiences with Caucasians”. Discuss some of the concerns and patient safety issues related to this fact.
  1. ANA Standard of Professional Practice for Genetics XIII states that “the genetics nurse integrates research findings into practice”. What are specific ways that practicing nurses can achieve this standard of practice?
  1. Discuss how cultural rituals or practices that are preferred by some patients and their families can impact the care the nurses provide to them at the end of life.
  1. Quality of life is one determinant that patients use in making decisions about their care. How would you assist your patients in making these important decisions? What are some of the factors that you would encourage them to consider, etc.?
  1. The use of sophisticated technology in healthcare continues to increase. Discuss both the benefits of this, access to new technologies and the issues that arise with its use.
  1. Nursing care plans can vary, but there are some essential components that should be included in all of them. Identify these components, why they are significant, and how nurses can use the information to improve care for their patients.
  2. There exists an opioid epidemic (prescription and heroin abuse) across the nation. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC, 2016), deaths from opioid overdoses are on the rise (by an astounding 200% since 2001) and purportedly kill more Americans each year than automobile accidents. Discuss the new legislation addressing the epidemic and the CDC’s and other professional group nation-wide education initiatives (include those from Nursing and other Healthcare professional groups). Summarize the CDC’s and other professional groups plans/recommendations to address this serious problem. Is there one group of the population (gender, ethnicity, age, and/or geographical locations) that is more affected by this epidemic and why?

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