Essay MIN 2.5 PAGES
August 13, 2019
Critical Legal Thinking Case 3
August 13, 2019

Due Monday 12pm

  1. Explain why the Bill of Rights exists. Why was it added to the  Constitution? What does it do? Provide examples
  2. Federalism provides distinct roles for the federal government  and the state government. What are these distinct roles? How have these roles evolved? Provide examples of how the federal and state governments interact to encourage or discourage action.
  3. Explain how the Constitution creates three branches of the government,  with checks and balances to ensure that no branch gains too much power. Provide examples of these checks and balances, either from current events or from historical examples in the book.
  4. Most Presidents attempt to expand their authority (often in times  of crisis or war). Provide a presidential power, an explanation of where in the constitution a power stems from, and an example of a president expanding that power.