Encryption Tools Outside of Microsoft

  • LastPass

LastPassis an encryption tool used with limited features and it is freely available. LastPass is used secure personal data and passwords. This tool enablesusers to work with numerous passwords without having to remember them or write them a note book.LastPasshasintuitive, easy-to-use interface relied on by users to simplify operations. LastPass can be used as an extensionon the main web browsers like Google Chrome or as an app for Apple and Android devices(Rijnetu, 2019).It encourages users to set and use unique and hard-to-break password and follow security steps. LastPass alsodiscourages users from reusing passwords. LastPassuses a two-factor authentication system.

  • AxCrypt

AxCrypt is similar to 7-Zip. As an open source tool for file encryption, it offers free solution as well as premium version. The premium version can be used for macOS, Windows, iOS as well as Android. AxCryptoffers AES-256 file encryption(Fearn, 2019). This tool can also competently encrypt a single file, a folder or even an ensemble of files using a mere right-click (Manes, 2015). The tool encrypts files for a givenduration of time. The file can also be auto-decrypted upon reaching its destination.

This tool is used to encrypt data and protect the user from cybercriminals. It uses the 256-bit AES encryption technology like the CyberGhost. That makes it an easy set-up (Rijnetu, 2019). It is compatible with various devices and it works on Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Mac across numerouslocations or countries. It is not a free service but there is a free mode for a month.


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Question: 2  

Generally so many threats in business activities they are like data loss issues, data breach issues, hacking and vulnerabilities issues. The other threats like denial of service attacks, worms and phishing, spam email attacks and cyber attacks. The all mentioned threats can be prevented by mitigation approaches like using high secured protocols and firewalls in network. Maintained data in encrypted format in database, using updated antivirus software’s, using intrusion detection systems tools, using secured communication channels in data transmission operations and data sharing process. Avoid the spam emails reading; fallow the privacy policies in business activities, sensitive data accede only by authorized persons, very strong user authentication and authorization. Provide secured information for confidentiality, integrity and availability (Salvi Mittal, 2018).

Some custom threats mitigation approaches are there using these approaches it decreases the risk factors and risk problems in business operations, using custom threats set some organizational goals and try to achieved that goals and provide high security for organizational information. data security and data recovery is the main challenge in organizations, these two challenges are achieved by using custom threat mitigation approaches. If any critical threats in business operations that time used custom threat mitigation approaches other than standard threat mitigations because standard threat mitigations are not suitable for all types of threats, so the critical threats in business operations overcome by custom threat mitigations. Based on type of business in organizations customized the mitigations and used threat mitigations. Threats are different these are occurred based on business type, so organization management customized the threat mitigations and used that in organizations for prevention of threats (Salvi Mittal, 2018).


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