Explain the role you would take in any intervention given your scope of practice and to whom you would refer the client for additional intervention.
April 6, 2020
Describe one intervention you might use for the identified client that would address the presenting problem and any related psychosocial factors
April 6, 2020

Ethics of Self-Care

Ethics of Self-Care

Management of self-care includes preventive measures important for avoiding burnout or compassion fatigue. Helpers can struggle with keeping a balance between care for others and care for themselves. Review Exercise 14.2, the Self-Care Worksheet, in your textbook.

In your initial post, discuss one of the items in each domain (physical health, social connections, psychological domain, affective domain, inner life, professional domain) that you engage in regularly and explain how that activity helps you maintain balance in your professional and personal life.

Source: Zhang, N. & Parsons, R. D. (2016). Field experience: Transitioning student to professional. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Reproduced with permission of the authors.


Career Center Resources

Visit the Career Center and explore the information available about career planning. Be sure to check out the items in the left-hand menu.

After exploring the Career Center, in your initial post to this discussion, identify two things on the Career Center site that stood out for you and that you can use as you explore a career in your chosen field.

  • Why were those things of particular interest?
  • How will they benefit you?

What part of career planning will be the most difficult for you? Why?


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