Formulate your claim – what issue do you have with the topic you chose as the website argues about it?

describe the topic as though it were being presented to peers who are mostly ignorant about the topic (i.e. explain technical language if used). The body of the paper should analyze and reflect on one your topic.
April 5, 2020
Identify and apply a variety of epistemological, metaphysical and ethical theory 2. Evaluate and differentiate between an epistemological, a metaphysical and an ethical question
April 5, 2020

  Formulate your claim – what issue do you have with the topic you chose as the website argues about it?

B. (Links to an external site.)

Go to “Creation Moments” website using the above link, click on “Resources,” and scroll down to search topic areas you have an interest in.  Write an argumentative paper. The argument is all based on some article you pick from this website and your reaction and detective work on the topic of your article and research the holes or inconsistencies in the argument that you detect.  Every argument does have some questionable part, there is no such thing as a perfect argument, not in this world, so find some flaw and search it out, draw your conclusions what these flaws are, cite them in the paper, explain them, and then draw your conclusion.

Pick a topic that you have an interest in or know something about, but have a question with how Creation Moments argues for it.  They always argue from the argument of design.  Always in the argument of design, there is a point of leap of faith that a conclusion is drawn without evidence.  .

1.  Formulate your claim – what issue do you have with the topic you chose as the website argues about it?  Creation Moments’ claim is, always, that Design by the Creator is true and evolution is false.  This will be the underlying assumption of your claim.  Is it really the case for design and not evolution?

2.  Do some research, bring up sources that further explain the topic and tell you something about the subject of your article. Wikipedia is fine, but see if you can’t find a couple other sources, as well, to cite.

3.  Now, test the evidence.  Test to see if the claims made in the article hold up to the evidence you bring in regarding the subject.

4.  Look for clear contradictions in wording of the article. Look for errors in Creation Moment’s discussion of the topic, not just evidence, but even in the conclusions they draw.

5.  Conclusion:  there was is some truth to the idea of their articles but there is always some flaw to their thinking, as well, regarding the topic they are discussing.  Does Creation Moments create a “leap of faith” between the evidence they bring in and their conclusion, or, do they accurately defend the argument of design (which means that all of creation is created with some function/purpose, and only an intelligent creator could have created the world in this way) that the evidence they bring in directly leads to their conclusion about intelligent design?

Always get the facts.  Challenge anything you just don’t agree with.  That is what you are doing in this paper.

Here is the link for argument of design: (Links to

Instructions:  The paper should be 7 pages, no title page is needed or footnotes, just citations would go on page 8.  1″ margins all around, double-spaced, 12″ Arial font.   No GoogleDocs or Zip files.