Grad School Paper – Can Not Be Plagarized

During your second literacy course, you completed a case study of  your work with an individual child. Now you will reflect on this case  study in a five-page paper, in which you will respond to the following  questions:

  1. How did studying an individual child help you to better understand  some problems of the struggling reader? How will this understanding  influence your future practices as a teacher?
  2. How did your project help you find new strategies to implement as a  teacher? How did it aid you in finding new resources to use as a teacher  of literacy, particularly for students with reading problems?
  3. How did studying an individual child in depth better enhance your teaching?
  4. How has conducting this case study helped you to avoid grouping all  struggling readers in a “one size fits all” box, and how has it  influenced your thinking on the need for differentiated instruction?
  5. How did your course work at Touro College prepare you to effectively conduct and write up this case study?
  6. What would you do differently in conducting and writing up your case  study now that you have completed it and have been reflecting on the  work you did?

Please do not include your actual case study in your Culminating  Project. You only need to include the reflection paper on your case.

Your paper should follow APA format and include cover page, running  head, reference page, etc. Refer to the APA Guide on page 34 for  assistance. If you have problems with writing, format, references, etc.,  you should have your paper read by a classmate who can offer  constructive criticism and assistance or contact Touro’s Writing Center. The Writing Guide on page 36 may also be of assistance.

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