Jesse Ventura on Homeland Security:

Review 1
August 12, 2019
American politics
August 12, 2019

Jesse Ventura on Homeland Security:

*“Are we ready for martial law? I think we are, because everybody’s sitting back and watching our freedoms being taken away. Guess what? The terrorists are winning because our country has changed in the last decade, and not for the good. We’re a country that’s now living in fear and so are willing to trade our freedoms for safety….”

Is Ventura just wrestling with over exaggeration, or is there some truth to what he says?

Are we “sitting back” and allowing the government to extract intelligence from us indiscriminately?

Please support your statements.

*On the Issue.

Discussion # 2


After reviewing the readings for this module, do the following:

  1. Comment on whether the IC has a code of ethics, and whether one is needed.
  2. Would a concrete and enforceable code of ethics help analysts perform their jobs better – and to know the limits?
  3. Would it create fear and uncertainty?  Why?e IC Need a Code of Ethics