Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare

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NURS 4020:Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare
Week 1
Leadership Theories and Personal Identification of Style and Strengths
Course Media: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2010).Leadership competencies in nursing and healthcare.Baltimore: Author.
“Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare,” featuring Dr. Kenneth J. Rempher, Dr. Diane Mancino, Dr. Don Arthur, Dr. David Nash, Dr. Cecilia K. Wooden, and Dr. Leslie Mancuso
Required Readings
Course Text: Sullivan, E. J., & Decker, P. J. (2013).Effective leadership and management in nursing(8th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.
Chapter 4, “Leading, Managing, Following”
Course Text: American Nursing Association. (2010).Nursing: Scope & standards of practice.Silver Springs, MD: Retrieved”>
Course Text: Fowler, M. (2008).Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses: Interpretation and application.Silver Springs, MD: Retrieved from”>
Jackson, J. R., Clements P. T., Averill J. B., & Zimbro K. (2009). Patterns of knowing: Proposing a theory for nursing leadership.Nursing Economic$,27(3), 149-159.
Kerfoot, K. M. (2009). Denial and immunity to change: It starts with the leader.Nursing Economic$,27(6), 422-423.
Optional Resources are listed in the Week 1 Learning Resources.
Threaded Discussion
Leadership Theory and Health Care
Reflect on the information presented this week and on your own work environment. Then, respond to the following:
Which theory of leadership do you think is most effective in today’s health care environment? Why?
How does ANA’s Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice influence nursing leadership?
Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.
Post your response by Day 3of this week. Respond by Day 7to at least twoof your colleagues’ postings. See the Week 1 Discussion area for details.
Leadership Theory Paper
Throughout this degree program, you have been exposed to many great leaders in nursing and health care. Reflect on the leadership demonstrated by individuals such as Dr. Maggi McClure, Dr. Diane Mancino, Dr. Karen Drenkard, Ms. Joan Marren, Dr. Leslie Mancuso, Maria Manna, and Dr. Kenneth Rempher. Great leaders share common characteristics. As you have heard in this week’s media presentation, leadership skills can be learned and developed. The first step in developing leadership skills is increasing your self-awareness of your leadership qualities and abilities. In order to be an effective leader, you must find a style, or styles, that meet both your needs and those of the institution. Complete at least one of the following assessment inventories.
Gallup Strength Finders
Review your assessment results, and determine your leadership style, strengths, and growing edges. Consider how your leadership strengths are demonstrated in your nursing practice. Then, review the list of leaders presented below.
Winston Churchill
Margaret Thatcher
Eleanor Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mahatma Ghandi
Rudy Guiliani
Abraham Lincoln
César Chavéz
Mao Tse Tung
Lillian Wald
Mother Teresa
Select one person from the list. Research that individual, and write a 2–3 page summary of the selected leader’s leadership style and specific leadership characteristics demonstrated. Include in your summary any strengths or characteristics you have in common with the leader you selected. Also include how your identified strengths demonstrate mastery of ANA’sNursing:Scope & Standards of Practice, Standard of Professional Performance: Standard 12: Leadership as evidenced in your nursing practice.
Due byDay 7. See the Week 1 Application area for complete instructions.
Practicum Activities: Identify a Change Project
This week introduced the concepts of leadership and leadership theories. In addition, the media presentation and textbook readings discussed the difference between leadership and management. As you begin your practicum this week discuss with your manager possible change projects needed in the agency. Observe your manager and other leaders at your location. Identify how management and leadership activities contribute to successful change initiatives. Informally discuss options with your manager
Please address the following:
What did you see as the difference between a leadership activities and a management activities?
How do management and leadership activities contribute to the success of change initiatives
What change projects are needed in your agency at this time.

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