Motivation Theory

Motivation Theory
1. Nursing managers are often faced with the challenge of motivating their staff. Consider the following example:
John is a nurse who has been working on your department for nine months. He is currently half way through a mandatory six month night
rotation. Last week you overheard him complaining in the hallway that he was unhappy with night shift, found it boring and had a hard
time staying awake. He made one medication error a week ago which he immediately brought to the nursing supervisor’s attention and the
patient was not harmed. You are concerned that his attitude made bring down the morale of other staff members and possibly affect his
ability to provide patient care.
Select one of the following motivational theories. Explain the theoretical background of the theory and how it relates to nursing
management. Explain how you would apply the theory to John.
Achievement-motivation theory
Expectancy Theory
Equity Theory
*Essay needs to be 500-750 words and include referenced support
HildergardPeplau Theory of Interpersonal Relations
according to HildegardPeplau there are 3 phases to the nurse patient relationship:
Peplau stated relationships are characterized by “personalities, moods, concerns, needs, personal values and views which a person
brings into each interpersonal encounter” (1994). Understanding these elements and addressing them in the nursing process will ensure a
greater likelihood of therapeutic interaction. Select one of the phases of Peplau’s theory. Explain how this phase can be supported by
evidence based practice. Provide an example of how this element of theory has been researched and applied by nurses, and how you can
apply it in your own practice environment.
*Essay needs to be 500-750 words and include referenced support.

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