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September 21, 2019
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September 21, 2019


Assume that you are in charge of access control in your organization as security administrator. Your Job is to assure security to the organization. Although, there has been several Data breaches to the organization as a result of bad security policies. Therefore, to assure security to the organization, you have been tasked to create a proposal on the steps that could be taken to mitigate the risk of infiltration into organizational IT infrastructure.

Your Task

Create a proposal that will be presented to the functional manager of your organization detailing the steps that could be taking to mitigate the risk of data breach.

Proposal Guidelines:

1. Create the proposal using the Request for Proposal form as attached.

2. The proposal should not be more than 3 pages excluding the titled page.

3. The proposal must conform to APA 6th edition writing style.

4. Final paper is due on the 22nd 2019.

Please write about below

1. Introduction 

2. Access control Problem Statement:

3. Purpose Statement

4. Scope Statement: 

5. Impact assessment

6. Budget /Financial Assessment

7. High-Level Functional Requirements: 

8. Business Benefits: (Tangible and Intangible)

9. Special Issues or Constraints:

10. Summary

11. Conclusion

12. References

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