Peer review assignment help

Peer review assignment help

Question description provide them feedback on their rough draft.
In your response posts, offer some constructive criticism to your classmates. Read through this webpagecontaining advice for putting together and receiving meaningful feedback.
Use the questions below to make sure that you cover the multiple facets of a good peer review. You may include further information as well, but use these questions as a guide. Be sure to point out specific instances and examples of what is done well and what needs improvement.

  1. Does your peer provide adequate background and context for the subject that he or she is taking on? Before your peer’s position is made known, do you know enough about the topic that he or she is taking a stance upon?
  2. Is your peer’s thesis statement – and position on his or her topic – made clear early on in the paper? What is the thesis statement? Does it indicate the topic of the paper, as well as his or her attitude toward the topic? How could it be improved?
  3. Are your peer’s body paragraphs unified, coherent and developed? Do they have strong topic sentences and smooth transitions between paragraphs, and do they provide enough support from the sources he or she has chosen to use? How could your peer improve his or her body paragraphs?
  4. Does your peer effectively use the research of others? Is the research cited and referenced properly? Are the sources credible ones?
  5. Does your peer effectively round out the paper, bringing it to a clear close? If not, how could your peer improve his or her conclusion?

documents attached. feedback has to be separate.

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