Project Management Research Project

Final Analysis Paper Instructions

In what is considered a capstone of this course, students have the choice to write the final analysis paper on either a SPECIFIC PROJECT CASE STUDY or an ANALYSIS of a component of public sector project management covered in this course (non-profit sector is acceptable). This paper will be delivered in two parts (a proposal due in Week 3 and the final paper due in Week 8-see below for specific due dates). Here are the minimum requirement of the final analysis paper:


1. Must reference concepts/material covered in the course.

2. Must Be in APSA, APA, MLA or in approved stated citation/reference format, with in-text citations and a bibliography/work cited page.

3. Must be 8 to 10 pages in length, not including title page or reference page. Double spaced and one inch margins, with 12 point font, Times New Roman.

4. Must include a minimum 5 references of articles or books and they need to be cited in the body of your paper.

please find outline and resources to be used.


Abstract: One of the problems that is faced in the health field is all aspects of the health field being covered. For example, you see many dentistry’s, orthopedic doctors, primary care doctors and many other type of physicians that practice everything, but it seems mental health facilities are few and far between. The closet ones that are near by are at least two hours away. Mental health is just as important as physical heath and yet we don’t recognize it as such. “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act” It is important to keep it all in check.

Draft outline

1. Reasons why Mental health is just as important as physical health.

2. As the population increases so does the need of mental health facilities.

3. The lack of care due to low economic status not being able to afford to go to the clinics

4. Not being able to drive to the clinics to make the mental health change.

5. Why mental health is important among college students.

The research done on the college students needed to provide more information about what kind of mental illnesses that is going on in the college. I feel there could have been more experiments and research done. There should be more available alternatives to help with the students in trying to get health care help. There needs to be more options for students to be able to find help.


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