Scientific rigor associated with quantitative and qualitative research

Scientific rigor associated with quantitative and qualitative research
Order Description
Describe the scientific rigor associated with quantitative and qualitative research. Explain the importance of reliability, validity, and trustworthiness in the quality and rigor of nursing research. How are reliability, validity, and trustworthiness different? Related? Discuss types and provide some suggestions that will improve them.
The plan for assessment 3
 Identify an original research article within last five years
 Identify which paradigm it belongs to, qualitative or quantitative
 Refer to the appropriate critical review guideline.
 Demonstrate of understanding of the terms used in the selected paper.
 Clear introduction, body of the assignment and conclusion required
 Critically analyse of the article based on the guidelines in your set text
 Qualitative study: Box.15.2, page 292
 Quantitative study: Box.15.3, page 303
 Sub headings in the body of assignment can be same as your article or use the headings in the guidelines.
 Critically Analyse the research elements with the help of unit resources
 Demonstrate ability to engage with literature
Don’t forget to reference!
Basics : Formatting
 Formatting was a MAJOR issue for students last semester!
 Correct formatting includes:
 Page numbers
 1.5 line spacing
 Left align text
 Size 12 font (arial preferred)
 Headings bold, left margin aligned
 Reference list to follow CDU APA style.
Basics : Pages
 Check the following:
 Title page (optional)
 Contents page (optional)
 You do NOT need to include copy of the article used
 You do NOT use the articles used in assignment 2
 You can use the topic used in assignment 2
Basics : Referencing
 Please ensure you review the APA referencing guide (available online)
 No minimum number of references however demonstrate engagement with the literature.
 The article chosen must be referenced with DOI or URL and should be with in last five years of research (2010-2015)
 Include page numbers in reference where directly quoted
 End text references to be line spaced as per CDU APA style
HOT Tip: Proof Read
 Re-read to correct spelling AND grammar errors
 Refer to the sample assignment in assessment 3 area
 Use safe assign check link to test your drafts against plagiarism concern.
 Draft check facility is not offered by unit coordinator
By this time you should be able to identify the article as qualitative or quantitative
Word Count
 Word count 2000
 All words, from introduction to conclusion are counted towards the world limit.
 10% excess or 10% less from word limit is acceptable (1800-2200).
 Title page, content page and reference list are not included in the word count.

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