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September 21, 2019
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September 21, 2019

Scrum Workflow

Looking for Research paper help on scrum or Agile work flow.


1.No plagiarism please check for plagiarism before you submit it is mandatory.

2.Two summaries(1 summary with 250 words from 1 article and another summary with 250 words from another article) from 2 different articles only from peer review articles.

3.Need those two articles(Document or PDF etc..) as well because I need to submit those as well from where you are writing the summary and summary should have 250 words from 1 article and 250 words from other article.

4.Topic is same for two articles but the summary should be different as per individual article from peer review articles only.

5.Dont write scrum definitions etc you can directly look for articles on this topic and write 250+250 words from 2 different articles and also send me those article documents as I need to submit that as well.

6.Please don’t divert the topic because I need to write only on this topic scrum or agile work flows.

7.All single spaces only no double spaces and don’t use bullet points just paragraphs is fine.

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