Sheena 4

h were completed (example: methodology in past tense) and is to have the following components:

  • Title. Should be descriptive of the project.
  • Abstract. Should include all the standard components of an abstract, but also include disclaimer that the research was not actually conducted, but that the results are invented as part of an assignment for a Research Methods class.
  • Introduction. The Introduction is to follow the guidelines for an introduction as presented in the course. For example, it should address what the research question is and why this research question and research project are important. The student may use as part of the Introduction that introductory part of the draft Literature Review that summarizes the research topic. The Introduction should also include the above-mentioned disclaimer that this research project was not actually undertaken but part of an exercise for a class.
  • Literature Review. Should be authentic, based on actual research studies relevant to the proposed research project.
  • Methodology. Should be idealized for the particular research project, but will include some fictionalized components since research not actually done. For example, may state that a telephone survey was conducted between October 10, 2018 and November 1, 2018 among registered voters in the United States.
  • Results. This will be fictionalized results and any relevant statistics.
  • Discussion. This will be based on the invented results. Should include any shortcomings of the research (from Methodology draft).
  • References cited. This will be authentic, using genuine references as cited in the introduction and literature review (and methodology should one reference a particular methodology).

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