SOC 120 Week 1 Quiz ( All Correct)

SOC 120 week 1 Quiz ( All correct)


Question 1.                

The Golden Mean is best captured by which slogan?

everything for the good of all

nothing according to evil

do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Nothing in shortage, nothing in excess

none of the above


Question 2.               

Which human action might present problems of consistency for the moral relativist?



subjugation of women

all of the above

none of the above



Question 3.                

Which statement might a libertarian most agree with?

The state should be responsible for the welfare of its citizens.

The state should be allowed to restrict freedom whenever it deems it necessary to do so.

The state should restrict freedoms based on the greatest happiness of the citizens.

The state should only be allowed to restrict behavior that harms others.

None of the above




Question 4.                

Which statement is an objection to ethical egoism?

It can’t be shown to be false and thus doesn’t explain anything.

Few people demonstrate that they act out of self-interest.

Being selfish isn’t a very nice way to act.

It is always clear what is in one’s self-interest.

All of the above


Question 5.               

Which argument might be used to support the claim that pornography should not be illegal?

Pornography is a form of speech that should be protected.

People have been harmed in the production of pornography.

The pornography industry has harmed children.

Pornography makes men more likely to rape women.

A and C



Question 6.                

Which statement represents a utilitarian viewpoint about the legality of pornography?

Pornography harms people who participate in it.

Pornography demonstrates the virtue of sex.

Pornography serves to enhance the enjoyment of a certain portion of the population.

Men use pornography as an aid in supplying sperm samples for the purposes of in vitro fertilization.

C and D



Question 7.                

According to literature on violence in television, the average 18 year old will have seen how many violent acts?







Question 8.                

The ethical emotivist would most agree most which statement?

Ethical judgments are based in factual evidence.

Ethical judgments are based in universal ethical principles.

Ethical judgments are the result of moral senses that one experiences when seeing a moral act.

Ethical judgments are the outcome of developing a specific character.

none of the above


Question 9.                

Which outcome results from applying ethical theories to social and ethical issues?

We can prove that other people are wrong in their beliefs.

We can learn more about the theories themselves.

We will have greater evidence and support for our own ethical positions.

A and B

B and C




Question 10.              

Which of these situations would be unjust if someone was using the ethical approach of “Rule Utilitarianism”?

the creation of laws that favor the dominant race over another

the creation of laws that favor a certain sex over another

the creation of laws that favor a specific sexual orientation over another

none of the above

all of the above











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