Social Responsibility Assessment

Social Responsibility Assessment

This assignment will be assigned a grade for our class. It is worth _60_ points.

This assignment will also be used for a college-wide state required assessment.

The student’s full name and CWID should be at the top of their assignment.

The assignment:

First: Choose 1 of the 4 Interest Groups to create a 10 paragraph paper. (1 paragraph per question or on paragraph per header which address the prompts under the specific header) The paper must be typed, double spaced and MLA format. Please provide a Works Cited at the end.

Interest Groups:

1. The National Rifle Association (NRA)

2. Greenpeace

3. International Chamber of Commerce

4. The National Organization for Women (NOW)

Second: Address each of the 10 prompts using these headers. Use a full and complete paragraph for each prompt:

Intercultural Competence (header)

[Analyze the contrasting outlooks, perspectives and value sets of various cultures]

1. Describe the organization. What is their issue and why is it important to “the greater good”?

2. Find a competing group (either a group on the opposite side of the issue or a group that is competing with them for resources) and describe them.


· National Rifle Association opposition group: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

· Greenpeace opposition group: Alliance for America

· The National Organization of Women (NOW) opposition group: Concern Women for America

· International Chamber of Commerce competition: United States Council for International Business.

3. Which group is doing better to secure resources and accomplish their goal?

4. Name one situation where your group opponent has a good point and might be winning the debate.

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