two 1000 word papers- International Relations

I have 2 discussion questions. Both 1 and 2 questions has to be answered with 1000 words or more free of plagiarism and in APA style referencing.
August 13, 2019
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August 13, 2019

two 1000 word papers- International Relations

Two 1000 word papers

Subject: International Relations

Level: Undergraduate

Information: inside the documents attached

Mandatory Requirements


· Each paper must have 2 scholarly references 10 years old or newer, and all citations must be consistent with the most recent 

· Turabian Format style (Must be 100% correct)

· An abstract is required.

· Papers below the minimum length of 1,000 words or over the maximum of 1,200 words will be subject to a grade reduction

Instructions must be followed.  No basic grammar mistakes. No missing components

Zero Tolerance for missing components and sloppy work