Week 6 Discussion Mind Map

For your final discussion, you will reflect on all the learning you have done in this course by completing the “L” part of your KWL chart that you started in the Post Your Introduction in Week 1 and create a mind map. This map is another example of how you might formatively assess your learners in your classroom. Additionally, this visual provides a way of organizing your understanding of assessments.


Prior to beginning work on this discussion,

7 Steps to Making a Mind Map

Follow these seven steps listed below from How to Use Mind Maps to Unleash Your Brain’s Creativity and Potential (Links to an external site.) as a guide as you create your mind map:

  • Step      1: Start in the middle of a blank page.
    • By       starting in the middle of the page, you can branch out your ideas in       multiple directions.
  • Step      2: Select an image, picture or words representing the “central idea” of      your map.
    • Images       can represent so many words and can contribute to your creativity as you       develop your mind map. If an image just does not do the trick, certainly       use words.
  • Step      3: Utilize colors throughout your entire mind map.
    • The       brain is attracted to color and can enhance learning. Besides, who       doesn’t like to add a little color to their life!
  • Step      4: Create branches to the various levels within your mind map that all end      up connecting to your “central idea.”
    • The       brain likes making patterns and the connection among the branches will       help you to easily remember and retrieve the acquired knowledge.
  • Step      5: Use curved lines instead of straight lines when connecting your      branches
    • Your       brain responds better to curved lines. They are more interesting!
  • Step      6: Each branch should have only one key word that represents your      learning.
    • This       will keep your mind map clear and succinct.
  • Step      7: Images should be integrated throughout your mind map.
    • Images       are just another way for your brain to make deeper connections to the       acquired knowledge; therefore, making it more meaningful (Pinola, 2013,       September).


Review the various resources, discussions, instructor feedback and videos throughout the entire course that will help support you as you create your mind map.

Write (Due Day 3, Thursday)

Complete the following:

  • Complete      the “L” part of KWL chart and upload to the discussion.
  • Follow      the seven steps for mind mapping and include the following components:
    • Assessment       center of your map
    • The       following key words branched out from the center of your mind map:
      • Purpose        of Assessments
      • Formative        Assessments
      • Summative        Assessments
      • Grading
      • High-Stakes        Standardized Assessments
      • Statistics        in Education
    • Within       each of those branches, provide three to five key words in addition to       images that exhibit what you have learned about these topics.
  • Provide      the link for your mind map or upload your scanned document.
  • Then      include at least one question that you are still seeking to get answered      about assessments in your discussion response.

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