How the selected media can change brain functioning
June 18, 2018
What are some of the ways that you can encourage both patient and provider engagement to ensure the pilot program success? Citations should conform to APA guidelines. 
June 18, 2018

What is a Mediterranean Diet  

PowerPoint College Level

Title  How to Translate a Traditional Mediterranean Diet into a Multicultural Diet

12 slides with the title being the first slide  Slides must have pictures and effects.    All questions must be address

Slide 1 Ttile

Slide 2 What is a Mediterranean Diet


Slide 3  Where/why was it originated from


Slide 4 What is the purpose of the Mediterranean Diet  Slide

5 Identify key nutrient/ foods within the Mediterranean Diet

Sample meal plan for a day

Slide 6 and 7 How can this diet help or manage chronic diseases  /with evidence

Type 2 diabetes  /Cancer

Slide 8 Why is the   Mediterranean Diet a challenge for non-Mediterranean populations

What are the potential barriers for non-Mediterranean populations

Reference Slide