Angry black Women Stereotype


Deconstruction of a Stereotype Research Paper.The goal of this assignment is to choose a stereotype that you have experienced and find evidence that speaks to the history of the stereotype, how it is spread in the media, and its personal impact you or others like you.Below are some helpful tips for each section of this modified assignment. You do not have to do everything in each section but something from each section should be in your essay. I.Give the background of stereotypes in general:A.    Etymological dictionary (try to steer clear of online or basic dictionary definitions of the word stereotype.    B.    You can use The danger of a Single Story Adichies TED TalkC.    Article from the DatabaseII.Give the background of the specific stereotype for as far back as you can find.  You may not find a scholarly article on your stereotype, but you may find pieces of evidence that you can then make conclusions as to how your stereotype may have started.  For Example, if my stereotype was All black people like fried chicken.  I would begin to distinguish the difference between cultures within the Black race.  I would then focus on the history of slave diet.  I would even focus on the origin of fried foods.  III.The way the stereotype spreads or becomes perpetuated can be presented from a number of different perspectives.  You can focus on youtube videos and the number of views and comments that show how prevalent your stereotype is in pop culture.  You can focus on early magazines and articles that have stereotypical images, which would highlight how the stereotype may have been passed down from one generation to the next.  You can focus on books my famous authors who have characters being represented with stereotypical behavior (be sure to mention how many copies of the book have been sold and cite it that information).  You can even focus on tweets, Instagram, FB videos etc. as long as you show how many views and how long the video has been watched.  IV.Effect on those within the group is where you begin to tell your narrative story on how you have been impacted by the stereotype.  Here is where you must be detailed and specific using the classic narrative essay flow where you have a beginning with detailed setting information, a middle section that has a rise in action, climax and fall in action, and an ending that resolves how you felt about being in that situation.  Keep in mind that the story must have a standard and formal introduction with a thesis statement along with a FULLY developed conclusion.  3 full pages has to have 3 resources.


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