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Since you are studying Human Behavior it comes in all shapes and sizes especially bad behavior. The goal of this project is to change the focus and examine group dynamics in fact groups who commit violent acts. You will need to choose a group which has been designated a threat to domestic security or homegrown terrorists. You will be required to complete a complete a threat assessment and in the final analysis determine if the group is a threat to the internal security of this country as well as the President of the United States.

Your threat assessment will examine the history of the group. Their motives for being in existence. You must also identify their current leadership and founders of the organization. Examine the literature that they use to spread their word and the message especially the underlying message. Determine where they are based and if they have a compound where they live and practice. Examine the members and their philosophies. Do they use religion as the basis for their belief system? Look for meaningful anniversary dates and why they are significant to this group. Examine what crimes they have been involved in and the motives for those crimes. Examine the changing demographics in this country and determine if this is fueling the current surge in your group. Look for the profile of the members and if you can how many members. Finally, detail how this group is or is not a future threat to the internal security of this country and detail why or why not they threat to the President of the United States. I understand that this speculation and projection but it is based on research.

Use the lecture on Threat Assessment to assist you but this needs to be a research paper in APA format at least 2000 words. You can use whatever sources you deem necessary except Wikipedia, Ehow, or encyclopedias of any kind.. If you can find it you might want to get your hands on a copy of The Turner Diaries to assist you in your research.  “Its fictional but very enlightening.

I am also attaching an outline to help you as a guide to writing the paper.


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