Persuasive Research Essay


Persuasion is the art of [influencing] people how to think. Within this definition, writers attempt to engage/prompt discussion about a topic by offering an initial position and/or respond to the position articulated by another. In fashioning an effective persuasive essay, be certain to consider the following questions:

1)    What viewpoint is the source of my argument?
2)    What is the issue of addressed controversy?
3)    How is my argument structured in terms of reasons and conclusions?
4)    What are my arguments strengths and weaknesses?

Use these prompts as a means to develop and hone an effective persuasive essay of your choice.
Be sure to defend your argument by using the pillars of persuasion (ethos, logos, and pathos).
Also, you must incorporate counter-argumentation. Remember, this is where you object to someone elses perspective by (a) directly attacking your opponents own statements; (b) putting forth another statement like it; (c) putting forth a statement contrary to it; (d) quoting previous decisions found in other sources.  Create an essay that thoroughly discusses your unique perspective, and use as many supportive features as possible to validate your particular thesis.

General Expectations
This paper is to be 6-8 pages in length, double-spaced, conforming to all MLA rules for the proper formatting and documenting of research/sources used in the composition of the essay. The minimum page length requirement is 6 pages. It is to be typewritten on 8 X 11 paper, with one-inch margins on all sides, and using a respectable, twelve-point font. You need to include at least 5 credible sources in order to support your thesis. Also make use of the Campus Writing Center.


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