Project: Final Paper: Questions and Controversies in Clinical Psychopharmacology


For this Final Paper, consider controversies you encountered throughout this course or that surround your personal or professional experience that you have a desire to address. Select a question or controversy that involves the intersection of psychopharmacological treatment and the mental health profession.

Possible topics for the Final Paper include:

Something that is currently occurring in your community
Something that is currently occurring in a given population
A problem identified in the media
A controversy discussed in scholarly journals
A controversy about a specific diagnosis
Investigate online and in the Walden Library to select full-text, peer-reviewed articles to support your Final Paper. You may also consider interviewing an identified expert in the field.

For this Final Paper Assignment, review the Final Paper Guidelines and Final Paper Rubric found in the Course Information section of the course.

Your Final Paper should incorporate any feedback you received from your Instructor. The Final Paper should be a minimum of 1213 pages in length, not including the title page, abstract, or references. The Final Paper should include at least 10 references.

By Day 7

The Final Paper should include:

An analysis of the question or controversy you selected including central arguments for various sides of the controversy
An explanation of how the question or controversy relates to clinical applications as a helping professional
An explanation of how you might reconcile the question or controversy in your current or future professional role
Bibliography of resources
Follow proper APA format guidelines and use your Learning Resources and your personal research to support your paper.


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